Hi, I'm Madhu G Nadig

About Me

I am a software engineer and I build virtual stuff. I am passionate about solving complex engineering problems and building great products. I currently am working as a software development engineer at Amazon Web Services.


A hyperlocal destination discovery service running on the web. A centralized curated web repository which lets users plan trips to places around their city within minutes. Built using NodeJS, ExpressJS, MongoDB, Handlebars and D3.js. Analytics and data discovery done using Java and Python respectively
Computed science to economy conversion in Forest Farming
Programming a computational tool in order to predict the future developments in the forest farm – thus providing data helpful in taking requisite actions. Economical conversion of the scientific computation for more versatility in decision making process.
Media Analytics
Providing relevant techniques and algorithms to human analysts in-order to enable them to draw insights from online news media is imperative. In this project, we have applied a human-centric generic textual analysis platform to conform to the domain of mass media for effective human-based content monitoring and optimization. The prime focus lies in enabling the human analyst with powerful analysis tools.
Distributed Key-Value Store
A demonstration of the implementation of a distributed columnar NoSQL key-value pair based datastore for big data. With support for multiple nodes, node management, centralized control, replica management and fault tolerance. Implemented with GET(Query) and POST(entry) requests with persistent storage. Architecture suitable for 'read once write consistently' type of applications. Built the application from scratch with Python and NodeJS.
Computer Assembler
Coded a fully-functional computer assembler based on a hypothetical machine. Language Used:
Text-analysis and visualization
Text-based data analytics through pattern matching and nlp. Core program written in Java, Visualization done on the browser using D3.js
Image Sharing Social Network
A full fledged demonstration of an Image based social networking web application developed using Node.js, Express.js, Angular.js and MongoDB. Support of uploading and retrival of photographs along with authentication and netwroking.
EasAF - Implementation of a Language
An ongoing project which imvolves implementation of a language from scratch. Language syntax based on Javascript and Python. Implemented in C++.